Customer Engagement

Highland Reserve’s team is able to directly meet with the client base and genuinely connect with them.

Client Acquisition

Give Highland Reserve a target and we will meet it. Through detailed training and acquiring the right talent, our firm will exceed your expectations.

Latest Technology

The firm is dedicated to learning the latest techniques and connecting technology to out working the competition.

Problem Solvers

Highland Reserve is dedicated to finding and cultivating the best team to deliver our clients results and think on their feet in any situation.

Our Story

Highland Reserve was started with much more than business to consumer acquisition in mind. Cameron Duncan, the company’s president, knew that the client, as well as the Louisville, Kentucky community, have a need for opportunity. Working at Highland Reserve, our team has hands on dedicated training that provides opportunity to learn more than your typical entry level candidate. By providing our team access to constantly learn and develop their skills, the client wins as well.