Getting Started



For those looking to get their start, our entry-level openings are a great fit. We teach every team member the basics of account acquisitions.

Acct. Manager

Consistent results yield consistent growth! Those who excel at Highland Reserve are given the responsibility to train the newer team members so they continue to foster their own career development by helping others with theirs.

Asst. Manager

When our team members prove they can equally train and develop others to delivering optimal results expected of them by our clients, they’re invited to qualify for our Assistant Manager promotion. After qualifying, our Assistant Managers learn directly from our management team how we manage client contracts and participate in our company’s growth.


When our client needs a new location, our Assistant Managers are given the opportunity to apply and bring their own team over to their contract if approved.

Why work at Highland Reserve

If you’re like us, you’re never satisfied with ordinary. Here’s why our team chooses Highland Reserve:

It’s Up to you

Team members enjoy the fact that our advancement opportunities are based on the work they put in, not based on seniority or favoritism.

We’re a family

We’re a tight-knit group that enjoys working together, traveling together, hanging out together, and succeeding together.


Whether it’s from management or our client, recognition for a job well done is very important and it’s not just a pat on the back, either. Our team recognizes team members monetarily and so does our client.


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